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Legal protection

We assert ourselves.

With you and for you.

Citizen relations and confidence in public authorities and the state are suffering more and more under detached, unclear authorities which pursue their own interests. Kneller Rechtsanwälte successfully protects the interests of citizens and individuals against encroachment by the state. Our tenacity, resilience and persistence set us apart – we are prepared to take matters up to the Swiss Federal Tribunal or the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

Testimonial«Kneller Rechtsanwälte make our affairs their own and we have been able to count on their expertise for years.»

Our skills

Environmental law

We at Kneller Rechtsanwälte are committed to the sustainable development and promotion of environmental technology and air pollution control. We fight to right wrongs and help those seeking justice to protect the environment. We specialise in animal protection in hunting, noise pollution and ethical issues in the field of environmental law.

Civil rights

We represent our clients before authorities and courts in order to protect their basic freedoms and political rights. We have successfully taken petitions which had been declared invalid by the authorities and parliaments to the Swiss Federal Tribunal and had them upheld.